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Individual private patients

We will guide the patient in the selection of the most appropriate doctor and hospital specializing in their disorder if you have not already chosen one.


We will forward the translated patient’s medical history to the selected specialist doctor.


If, upon examining the medical file, the doctor decides that the patient should be immediately admitted to the hospital, we arrange all necessary procedures to facilitate admission, and inform the patient of the approximate cost and expected duration of treatment.


Should the doctor deem it necessary to personally assess the patient's condition and to perform additional or more specialized tests before he decides upon the need for admission, we can arrange an appointment and inform the patient of the cost of possible tests. As soon as the doctor has the results of the tests and if it is decided that the patient needs urgent admission we are able to provide his family the option to deposit the approximate cost in euros here in Greece in order to provide the hospital with our letter of guarantee for the deposited amount and then, the hospital will admit the patient immediately without the need to make overseas transfers in foreign currency or pay a deposit for medical treatment to the hospital on admission.


The same option can be offered to patients who are already admitted and for any reason their admission needs to be extended.

  We offer access to many of
the best qualified specialist doctors,
the best hospitals and the most
advanced medical technologies in the world.
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