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Patients covered by public insurance companies

Since 2012 the National Organization for the Provision of Healthcare Services (E.O.P.P.Y) operates in Greece and consists of all the former public insurances companies that were operating until that time.


E.O.P.Y.Y has created a united regulation of healthcare services which applies to all public insured patients in Greece.


ΗWe aim to to be constantly informed of any changes or amendments that may occur from time to time in order to be able to accurately inform the patient of the up to date requirements needed to claim approval of his treatment overseas. It is difficult for patients to personally be aware of the current requirements so if you need to arrange treatment overseas please contact one of our experienced consultants for guidance.


We will guide the patient in the selection of the most appropriate doctor and hospital specializing in their disorder, if you have not already chosen one.


We will forward the translated patient’s medical history to the selected specialist doctor.


If, upon examining the medical file, the doctor decides that the patient should be immediately admitted to the hospital, we arrange all necessary procedures to facilitate admission, and inform the patient of the approximate cost and expected duration of treatment in order to provide them to his insurance along with the other documents required.


If the patient gains the approval of his public insurance, we arrange to confirm the admission and all the necessary preparation to facilitate admission in the hospital.


If required, we undertake to arrange the translation and validation of the documents required in each case, so that they can be submitted to the patient’s insurance company.


After the end of the treatment, we undertake to deliver the hospital invoices and doctors’ fees to the patient’s insurance company, so that the bill is settled as soon as possible.


If the patient’s insurance company pays a deposit based on the approximate treatment cost and if the final actual cost of treatment is smaller, we contact the hospital, to arrange for the balance to be refunded directly to the Insurance Company.

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