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Before your treatment

As we have arrangements with a wide selection of specialist Hospitals and Clinics in many countries that provide medical treatment to the very highest standards, we are in a position to provide unbiased counselling to select the best qualified doctor and most appropriate Hospital or Clinic to meet your specific medical requirements if you have not made your choice already.


We will forward your medical file to certified translation companies, specialized in medical terminology, in order to accurately translate your medical history.


We coordinate the initial communication between the hospitals and the (private or public) insurance companies or between the hospitals and private patients, regarding the necessity of treatment abroad. The insurance companies or private patients are able to gain direct information on the estimated treatment duration and its approximate cost which assists Insured Patients to gain approval for overseas treatment from their insurance company.


We can, if you require, make all the necessary travel arrangements for you and your escorts, such as airline tickets, transfer to the Hospital and booking an appropriate Hotel nearby.


In addition, in emergency cases, we can arrange transfer by a fully equipped air ambulance, manned by specially trained doctors and medical staff. If required, a fully equipped air ambulance and an accompanying doctor can be arranged on a 24 hour basis.


Finally, if the admission is required and approved, we confirm the admission to the hospital and provide you with any relevant hospital documents.

  We offer access to many of
the best qualified specialist doctors,
the best hospitals and the most
advanced medical technologies in the world.
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